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Apr 27 2016

The Breakfast Club...and the Raiding of Barry Manilow's Wardrobe


It's fashion week at Flying Dog, and as is the norm, our team is strutting their stuff. This year's theme, Angsty Teen Dramedies of the 80's is brought to you by our screening of The Breakfast Club tonight at the Weinberg Center. We invite you to join us as we walk through this years painstakingly curated outfits our merch team spent countless hours preparing.

Allison Reynolds (played by Heather)
Heather's favorite quote: "Black is the new black." With that in mind, we have Heather wearing a Raging Bitch Tee to compliment her black eyeliner and soul. Accessories include a pair of Chucks and a Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA

John Bender (played by Garon)
Garon does not believe in seasonal clothing. He is also frustrated by the fact that society demands that he wear pants in public. Underneath Garon's denim exterior, you can see the hint of a collar belonging to his favorite Flying Dog Flannel. Accessories include fingerless leather glove, but those are out of stock until 2019 due to a high demand in the market.

Brian Johnson (played by Cooper)
Cooper is a man who believes first impressions are more important than the comfort gained from wearing sweatpants. Cooper only purchases torso coverings that do not clash with his inch-too-short khakis, and this outfit was no exception. You can find Cooper sporting a Flying Dog jacket, which protects him from sticks and stones and other things that might break a lesser mans bones. Cooper's suggested accessories include a timeless pair of wayfarers and a fake ID, for voting of course.

Andrew Clark (played by Brian)
Our resident jock, letterman, and all around tough guy, Brian prefers activewear so nothing holds him back from the task at hand. Whether he's taping the new guy to the wall or running our CMO's boxers up the flagpole, Brian enjoys the feel of the 100% ring spun cotton of his Batwing Hop Tee on top of his muscle tank. Suggested accessories include a shiny necklace and a muscle car.

Claire Standish (played by Erin) 
Erin doesn't care if you think she looks pretty in pink, she is a Maryland girl through and through. It is with that same dedication that she rocks her Maryland Pride Tee. Accessories include sushi (rice, raw fish and seaweed) and a bottle of Raging Bitch and The Truth in each hand while she asks, "Cause I'm telling the truth, that makes me a bitch?"


Pick up these iconic threads and more at our online shop and feel free to throw out some Blue Steel while heading down the red carpet at our showing of The Breakfast Club tonight at the Weinberg Center for the Arts.