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Oct 6 2016

We Don't Need No Water


You know what farmers' markets need? Beer. Also, a flannel wearing sculptor with a chainsaw. And while we're at it, let's give it a soundtrack. Something upbeat and live in the name of all that is holy. Now we're cooking with gas. Since my wallet is getting some time in the sun, let's make sure it's taking care of my wants as well, not just the necessities like organic produce, charcuterie and artisanal cheeses and chocolates, but some badass metal art for my beer drinking hovel.

This is shaping up, but it still needs something. The smell of meat coming out of that upscale food truck is telling a timeless love story that my mouth will want to hear over and over again. Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, Fido. How could I forget my best friend? He'll want some love as well; the thoughtful placement of a water dish or ten and some other dogs' butts to sniff should do the trick. 

Can it have a cool name? Local Riot you say? Now I'm sold.

On Saturday, October 22, our annual Local Riot returns. The event is free with donations going to our friends at Lonely Hearts Animal Shelter. It's dog-friendly, and will feature live music throughout the day from The Beatnik Termites, The Rockaway Beachboys and Luna. Local Riot will also be the first place you can pick up Secret Stash this year, which pairs great with a couple laps around the brewery lawn as you check out our different vendor tables including:

All beer, food and vendor goods will be sold a la cart.