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May 4 2017

Here Comes Honey Paloma... Ale

Dig if you will Paloma. This cocktail-inspired beer first caught our attention last May at the annual Brewhouse Rarities pitch session, a gathering where anyone in our tribe can suggest new beers. Brewer Todd Kelly, who spends his days on our pilot system, arrived on top the mountain with a five-gallon pitcher of the tequila-based cocktail and his good manners. We could go on and on, but no one tells it better than Todd.

Q: What inspired you to pitch this concept?  
Todd: I would describe the culture at Flying Dog as a weird combination of passion for brewing great craft beer and pushing boundaries with a splash of sarcasm. A deconstructed Honey Paloma cocktail, at the heart of this beer, is an IPA brewed with blue agave, honey, grapefruit, lime, and a splash of black currant to make it a little pink! This one is for the beer geeks that have a secret love for a pink fruity drink with an umbrella in it.

Q: What flavor profile are you aiming for?
Todd: The Honey Paloma is a tequila cocktail with grapefruit soda and juice as a base with honey and lime. This beer has a huge grapefruit character with honey and lime in the background, and it's a little boozy, like a cocktail should be.

Q: Why do you love this beer?
Todd: I love IPAs. I secretly love pink fruity drinks with umbrellas. 

Q: Why should lovers of Flying Dog be excited about trying it?
Todd: Honey Paloma was brewed using many ingredients fans may recognize in a few of our other beers, imagined in a different way. While complex enough to sit around and ponder it's nuances, this beer is meant to be enjoyed with a side of levity. Pair it with burritos and your guilty pleasure playlist. #juicy 

Enjoy it at the brewery or track it down starting May 17. Umbrellas sold separately.