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Feb 9 2016

Cold-Press Coffee Porter, Also Known As Breakfast in Bed


Not a morning person?
Have you ever committed an act of violence against your alarm clock? Do you wish that first cup of coffee could be enjoyed in bed, with a hearty side of some goddamn peace and quiet? We have the beer for you: Cold Press Coffee Porter. The second of our 2016 staff-pitched Brewhouse Rarities series, this brew's rich coffee flavors have a delicate bourbon, chocolate and dried fruit profile that is guaranteed to be the best part of waking up. The Sumatra blend (roasted by One Village in Pennsylvania) we used was first introduced to the beer's creators – a sales team trifecta of Erin, Brian and Nate  by Bean Rush Cafe in Annapolis.

Why Cold Press? 
There is a growing faction among us that fervently believe cold-brew coffee is the best way to enjoy coffee. Cold-brewing takes away most of the acidity that's typically imparted by high heat, which was a perfect fit for Erin, Brian and Nate's goal of crafting a more delicate and sessionable coffee beer that could be enjoyed into the warmer months. 

Enjoy it straight from the source in our tasting room Thursday through Sunday or use our Beer Finder to track it down near you.