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May 2 2012

BYOG: Bring Your Own Grill Class at the Brewery May 20

We're hosting a class at the brewery Sunday, May 20 on the great American pastime of grilling. (And, of course, drinking beer while grilling, which needs no instruction.)

Get your tickets for BYOG today!

The class is from noon to 5 pm and will be taught by BBQ legend and CarterQue founder Chris Carter. And it's BYOG.

That's right: Bring Your Own Grill. Borrow your friend's truck, Mom's minivan...whatever it takes to get that sucker on the road and fired up at the brewery for some serious action. 

The "bring your own grill" format will allow Chris to teach you how to grill on the equipment you already know, own, and love. Here are some additional details:

  • Grills can be gas or charcoal. Anything from a super-deluxe monster to a Weber with a bag of charcoal is welcome. 
  • Sharing grills is allowed, but each student needs to buy his or her own ticket. 
  • All attendees are encouraged to bring charcoal (if applicable), wood chips, special sauces, or any other elements or tools they'd like to perfect in the class.
Only 50 spots are available, so the class will be personal, hands-on, and sell out quick! 

Tickets are $85 and include a full rack of ribs, a whole chicken, and a variety of other grilling meats, along with Flying Dog beer samples. Get your tickets today before they sell out!