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May 25 2017

Meet Your Makers, Bustin' Boards

In the summer of 2001, Ryan Daughtridge had one year of college under his belt when he first stepped on a longboard. It didn’t take long for Ryan’s dad’s barn in Hagerstown, Maryland to be converted into a skateboard factory and the birthplace of Bustin’ Boards. Fast forward 16 years and Bustin’ is now known for developing the most advanced skateboards on the planet.

We have a lot of friends (with benefits) here at Flying Dog. And any chance we get to keep things local really puts a strain on our zipper, so when we learned about Bustin’, a collaboration was inevitable. After a rendezvous involving more than a few beers and crab cakes, the Flying Dog + Bustin Bamboo-X Modela 33 was born.

Not quite a long board, not a short board, this Goldilocks-board handles all your needs: From pushing around the city to a trip to the skatepark. It’s smooth and stylish enough to take to your high-end finance job on Wall Street, and also has the ability to let you pop that Ollie on your way in and impress Janice in accounting.

The board will be released on Wednesday, June 7, at Gunther and Co., just minutes from Bustin’ Boards new home at City Garage in Baltimore. Grab your mom’s checkbook for your one chance to get your hands on one of only 20 boards produced.

We’re also raffling off one board to support Each 1 / Reach 1, Bustin’s community skate initiative that refurbishes boards for less-fortunate kids and adults. Donate an old board and get a raffle ticket plus a 30%-off coupon code good for anything on Bustin's site.

Until then, learn more about Bustin’s story on the latest episode of our podcast Head Retention Radio.