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Oct 12 2010

Be unusual

While there are a few creative geniuses as a result of their DNA (Einstein, J.S. Bach, Michelangelo, and others of their ilk), all of us ordinary people were born creative enough.

Some people had the good fortune to be reared in artistic environments that encouraged and nurtured that creativity.

Most of us, however, without that encouragement, had their creativity crushed by the school system early on.  Unless, that is, they were one of the fortunate few who attended a progressive school such as the one that George Stranahan founded and that just celebrated its 40th anniversary.  Then, after being taught compliance by the school system, many went on to the corporate world where any remaining creativity was extinguished by policy and procedure manuals and the norm that everyone dressed alike, used the same jargon, and closely imitated the boss because that