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Sep 21 2016

Back To School

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Flying Dog University, a first-of-its-kind beer education program, is back in session this fall. As requested in last semester's evaluations, none of our courses will require or allow the use of common core mathematics.

The course calendar will include old favorites as well as numerous electives if you're looking to boost your GPA (General Perception of Ales). We recommend starting with our core curriculum: Beer 101 - 301. Beer 101: Craft Beer Basics, is a rigorous exploration of the history of beer, the brewing process and the four ingredients in beer. This course is great for beginners and anyone interested in a refresher. Our Advanced Brewing Techniques class, Beer 201, is an in-depth look at brewing processes like dry hopping and using unique ingredients, and how these affect the end beer.Beer 301: Beer and Food, is a breakdown of how beer interacts with food by comparing beer and wine and reviewing tips on pairing beer with food, storing and aging beer and cooking with beer. Depending on your skill level you can sign up for all three or pick and choose.

Our electives run the gamut of all that we love about the craft beer community. Each course is co-taught by local artisans who share their story and their craft alongside of ours.

If you want an in-depth look at our brewery, sign up for one of our Beer Geek Tours scheduled for the first Sunday of each month. A previous brewery tour (of our own or someone else's) or a working knowledge of the brewing process is recommended because we get down and dirty in this behind-the-scenes exploration of why we do what we do. Each Beer Geek Tour ends with a tasting of new releases, pilot batches and vintage beers you can't get anywhere else.

Whether you've been part of the craft movement since day one or you just picked up your first sixer of Raging Bitch yesterday, we have the class for you. Make your commitment to craft today:

The finest print: Each Flying Dog University course ends with a tasting of Flying Dog beers. All attendees must be 21 or older. All sales are final and classes are non-transferrable or refundable.