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Jul 16 2010

An Earthquake? Nah, It Was Raging Bitch

The Maryland and Washington, D.C. metro area was struck by a 3.6-magnitude earthquake at around 5 am this morning.

Earthquakes are very rare in this area. So most normal human beings thought they felt rumblings from a low-flying airplane.

Here are snippets from conversations we overheard this morning here at the brewery. Most of us didn't think it was a plane:

"I've been having trouble with my toilet lately, so I was like 'shit, it finally took a dump on me.' "

"Wait, there was an earthquake? I slept right through it."

"I figured the guy who lives above me brought a girl home from the bar and was really getting it on. He does that a lot."

"We thought Raging Bitch was trying to escape from the fermentation tank."