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Nov 12 2010

A Trend in America's Best Neighborhoods

Each year, the American Planning Association (a nonprofit educational group for community developers) issues a list of the top 10 neighborhoods in the U.S. This year, there was a noticeable trend. We'll allow the president of the APA to explain:

"It's no secret that this year's list was different. Frederick, Maryland? Lower Downtown (LoDo) Denver? The common thread between those two is Flying Dog Brewery. The brewery is located in Frederick and has a taproom in LoDo. More importantly, Flying Dog's Gonzo values of purposeful, provocative irreverence made a profound impact on our evaluation of these communities."

Yeah, that quote's not real. And we're sure he or she is a great person, but we have no idea who the president of the APA is. We don't even know if they prefer the APA acronym. But it is pretty sweet that both Frederick and Denver made the list, right? Check out the full list (with real quotes and all) on