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Jun 16 2010

A Glimpse into our Free Concert Performers

Bobby Lee Rodgers


His website says…

Rock and roll…it’s rarely had a more exuberant, beautifully crafted infusion than Bobby Lee Rodgers. His music exhibits a passionate commitment to fundamentals that makes every note solid and sweet, constantly reminding the listener of rock’s bedrock pleasures.

What you really want to know…

  • Latest album: Overdrive (featuring Jimmy Herring, lead guitarist from Wide Spread Panic)
  • Quintessential track: “Overdrive”
  • He’s a soul man: Bobby was a longtime playmate of James Brown’s children
  • Call him Doogie: Bobby’s on the books as the youngest professor to teach at Berklee College of Music
  • What he’ll be drinking at Bentz St. after the show: Old Scratch Amber Lager

Pamela Parker and the San Francisco Review

Volunteer Appreciation Day at Hayes Valley Farm

Her website says…

Pamela Parker is a multi-faceted artist with the musicality and passion of Teena Marie, the grit of Janis Joplin, and the songwriting and melodic ear of Bonnie Raitt. She fuses the elements of rock, opera, funk, and hip hop to form an inspirational live music experience.

What you really want to know…

  • Latest album: Beautiful Day
  • Quintessential track: “Beautiful Day”
  • Back to Market: Pamela used to live in Frederick, MD
  • She wants the funk: Pamela’s shared the stage with members of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
  • What she’ll be drinking at Bentz St. after the show: Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA

Justin Kalk Orchestra

Justin Kalk Orchestra

Their website says…

With his Nashville-based orchestra, Justin Kalk pens and performs a fresh brand of rock & roll, hip hop, bluegrass, and jazz-influenced pop sounds. The songs are monsters packed with catchy vocals, Olympic solos, swampy organ, and a radical evolution of bass and beat madness.

What you really want to know…

  • Latest album: Blue Sky Traffic
  • Quintessential song: "I've Changed Too"
  • Stomach of steel: Justin's favorite food is marshmallow and anchovy pizza
  • Gonzo connection: Blue Sky Traffic's album art legendary Gonzo artist Ralph Steadman designed their debut album's cover
  • What they’ll be drinking at Bentz St. after the show: Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale

Saturday, June 19. Baker Park in downtown Frederick, Maryland. 3 to 8 pm.