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Jan 4 2022

2022 Brand Calendar

The 2022 Flying Dog Brand Calendar promises fantastic new beers, wild experiments, and returning favorites.

This isn’t a promise like the one from the ex who said they would be a better person before using your dad's credit card to fill a wading pool with vodka. We mean it, these beers kick serious ass. That said, there’s a whole alphabet of Greek letters that haven’t even been used yet for COVID, and we’re one boat captain who thinks he’s got the hang of this whole canal thing away from another supply chain crisis. Accept that this is a living document and dates may change, so save your angry emails for a better target.


  • Super Hook. In response to your universal demand for Vicious Hook our beer scientists asked, “What if we made this beer even bigger, faster and stronger? Can we? Should we?” Super Hook is the result.
  • Mango Tango Charlie. The first Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarity of 2022. Mango and tangerine join forces at last to provide the backbone of this tropical, citrusy IPA.


  • Groove Box. This variety pack brings Royal Crush, Vicious Hook, and the return of Chesapeake Wheat but this time it’s brewed with Tangerine for a citrus punch. This pack is guaranteed to lay down a fresh funky beat in your mouth.
  • Barrel Aged Gonzo. Now available in four 12 oz. bottles instead of one 750 mL bottle that you have to crush all by your lonesome. Parcel them out as needed.


  • Nuclear Smile. We’re damn proud of our home state, give or take the Orioles. This beer is for you. Nuclear Smile is an imperial hazy IPA you’ll only find in Maryland.


  • 451. Don’t censor yourself or anyone else. This juicy hazy IPA is dedicated to the amendment that’s right up there the 21st.


  • Dead Rise and Double Dead Rise. The original Summer Ale recipe is rising from the dead and the only thing better than Old Bay is more Old Bay. Our double will get twice the Old Bay and a 9% ABV for those (in MD, DC & VA) who live life in the red.
  • Vicious & Delicious Variety Pack. A vibrant punch to the face but like, in a good way. Each kettle sour is blended with nature flavors to create four distinct flavors: Fruit Punch, Orange Mango, Mixed Berry and Pineapple.


  • Triple Dog. This 18% ABV monster is back. Advil sold separately.


  • New Fall Variety Pack. We don’t even have a name for this one yet, but it’s going to have Kujo, Fear, and Dogtoberfest in it and figured it was important for you to get that in your Outlook calendar. 



  • Tropical Bitch & Tropical Truth. Some of your Flying Dog favorites go to the tropics in February and June, respectively. As a bonus, they won’t make send you one “wish you were here” text with a picture of an island sunset like a dick.
  • 19.2 oz. beers. Big ass cans for some big ass beers, including Truth and Double Dog. Now available year-round in select markets.